New year, new beginnings…
Canvass has undergone a transformation at its Binjai Park space inline with its core purpose as a Movement, Art and
Mindfulness training center.
Canvass is a holistic education centre focused on facilitating stronger mind-body connection through movement-focused classes are crafted alongside a rotating theme of intentions. We aim for each session to impart you with the ability to foster deeper connection between mind and body regardless where you are. Each session is designed to take the classroom outside of the mat and to foster a deeper connection to one’s inner child and facilitate tuning in to one’s own inner teacher. All this in a non-competitive, safe and nurturing environment that will leave you emerging with a tranquil state of mind, better equipped to take on the challenges ahead.
Conveniently located at Binjai Park, our centre sports a large space perfect for our movement classes and art sessions, a communal table for visitors to hang out, jam or relax and a purpose-built art boards for creative visualization and intention-telling. There are two bathrooms kitted with currated scents and sustainable organic products to ensure constants sense of calm. Come visit us! We would love to chat with you over some herbal tea.
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