Align not just to your values but also to your body. A movement class designed to show you how to use your body more effectively through precise poses and to nurture a stronger mind-body connection and overall awareness.
A strong core is so much more than a six-pack. Draw on your inner power for this dynamic class that focuses on building those all-important stabilizer muscles across the abs, back, hips and pelvis for better balance and posture. Both physically and mentally challenging, you’ll leave class feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.
A hatha yoga class to learn how to engage in precise and careful muscular actions in each pose to work effectively and safely toward a correct body alignment. It promotes body awareness, muscular tone, correct posture and increases flexibility and range of movement in articulations.
A gentle class designed to calm the mind through a combination of deep conscious breathing and gentle poses using props (blocks, straps, bolsters). Be lulled into a state of bliss as you slow down your heart rate and re-balance the flow of energy in your mind, body and soul.
Designed to cleanse your body and mind with poses that will heat and create space in the body through guided verbal cues. This class will teach you how to strengthen body parts while letting go of tension, and all that’s holding you back.
Gentle Flow is a nurturing, well-supported slow pace flow class incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening movements which are performed in a sequence, concentrating in for maximum benefits. Awareness of breath helps to calm the mind and enables you to move deeper into stretches. It’s accessible to all levels from beginner to advance.
Ladder Flow is a fun and energetic flow class that allows you to move your body with soulful music! It is a moving meditation practice where we find stillness in motion. We begin by stacking a few yoga postures one after another, to create a Ladder Flow. After repeating those postures a few times, we add more and build complexity into our sequence. At the end of each class, you’ll have memorized a complete flow and received a gret, full-body workout where we balance strength and flexibility.
Start the week right with mindful stretching and setting your brain up with positive vibes and powerful intentions for the week. Join us for 20 minutes stretching and 20 minutes of meditation to kick off your week!
Pilates Matwork is an exercise system designed to target muscles that support good posture through core strengthening. The focus is to develop a strong and flexible body, through a variety of movements with physical grace using one’s own body weight for a challenging workout. Suitable for all levels, Pilates works well as a complementary fitness activity along with other exercise regimes.
Power comes in all forms. Learn to fine-tune your breath with movement to empower the body and mind. This high-energy class will see you executing interval training exercises and yoga postures that’ll work to de-stress while improving one’s stamina, strength and flexibility.
A gentle class focused on postures to help relieve pregnancy-related discomforts and to keep the body strong and flexible, breathing exercises and visualizations are also introduced to help to manage one’s heightened or suppressed emotional state. Open to all pregnant women after 12-14 weeks, up till the end of pregnancy.
A slow practice focused on restoring the body’s physical and mental well being through gentle movements, breathing and meditation. Special attention is paid to one’s overall alignment with specific poses designed to aid your overall recovery. A great class for anyone looking to heal, stretch and strengthen problematic areas that have arisen through modern day life and stressors.
A deep relaxing, inner stillness, sound meditation. Sound therapist Wil Kolen will guide you gently through a deep relaxing and powerful Sound Journey to energize you for the week. The soothing sound of singing bowls and a variation of instruments will lead you into a melodic soundscape of harmonics and rhythms, allowing your body to relax, release, restore and to feel rejuvenated.
Targeting all students who have low energy, are stressed, who have digestive, immune system or reproductive challenges. Here is a yoga class where we deliberately slow down and work with the breath and mind-focus to work the magic. Yin Restorative Yoga taps into the world of Yin and Yang, the 5 Elements and the Meridians. We stimulate and draw the body control systems back to balance. We work on the energetic body deliberately, so that the physical body has the chance to optimise its recovery. For anyone suffering from insomnia, anxiety or emotional volatility – come, learn some take-away tools that may help you find a sense of calm, peace and steadiness. Accommodation is made for any injury (necks/ shoulders/backs/ knees…) with either modifications or alternative postures.

Yin Stretch works at a slower pace with gravity and breath to release muscles and targets the deep fascia and connective tissues. Through holding the poses for few minutes. Yin stretches the deep fascia gently, creating space and flexibility in the body. It also improves circulation and the flow of chi in the organs

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